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Canales Academy


Canales Academy is not-for-profit Judeo-Christian organization dedicated to the advancement and training of Christian musicians. It is our goal to offer music that is suitable for the many gifts and wonders given to us by God. Our organization seeks to open the eyes and ears of Christian musicians and audiences alike so that their musical perspective is expanded far beyond the vulgarity of pandering to the latest facile trends merely for the sake of “pleasing the crowd”. The musical offering must first and foremost be pleasing to God. Canales Academy offers the training that leads to that expanded concept of Christian Music.



Sacred Music for Future Generations


The future is and always will be with the young. Canales Academy is dedicated to giving young people a chance to develop professional musical skills in the context of our recitals and productions. We wish to have a voice in the future of sacred music by allowing young musicians to experience a wide variety of techniques and artistic approaches. We believe that the “hands on” experience of the live performance is one of the best ways to expose young musicians to the world of the professional musician in the context of high quality sacred music. Our young musicians are compensated for their performances in order to reward them for their hard work and to assist them with their continuing musical education.

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